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About Us

We are an interdenominational fellowship drawn from different Kenyan, Australian and other communities whose main focus is prayer, fellowship and building each other in matters of Christian faith and wellbeing.

Our Story

The KenAus Fellowship started in 2000 then known as KENOZ. Few believers of Kenyan descent met at different residential houses every month with the first meeting on February 2001.  This group of believers then organised the first large gathering open to the public at  210 Nicholson St. Footscray on 24th March 2001.

The next gathering was held with the participation of the New Jerusalem Sounds (NJS), a Kenyan Gospel Music Group which was at the time hosted by the Fellowship and Richmond Assembly of God. NJS ministered in various churches in Victoria.

The Kenoz Fellowship then began to have monthly prayer meetings at Vital Youth Victoria (VYV) under the auspices of Richmond Assembly of God (RAOG) - (now Neuma Church). The meetings were well attended mainly by the African student community from Kenya and Botswana. The Lord through the Holy Spirit ministered in a powerful way. The meetings as they do now involved worship, prayer, reading of the Word of God and thereafter a fellowship meal.

With the permission and guidance of the leadership of RAOG under then Senior Pastor Phillip Hills, the monthly meetings moved to Richmond Assembly of God. The fellowship Later became AFOZ to accommodate an increasing interest in the number of members from other African countries. However, AFOZ ceased to exist around 2008.

In early 2014 a few believers met and saw the need for a renewed prayer fellowship under the banner of KenAus. The first prayer fellowship meeting was held in February 2014, with about sixty people in attendance at United Voice , North Melbourne. Monthly fellowship meetings were then held every second Saturday of the month at a new home at Wesley Church, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. The meetings have continued to grow in intensity of with God’s presence and guidance.

The fellowship has retained the original way of worship, prayer and the word of God. The meetings also now include a special ministry to children, Kid’s Club as well as some focused on the youth, women and men ministries. The focus fellowships are driven and organised by the respective groups

Please visit our Events page to learn more on what's happening

Our Values



We demonstrate faith by trusting in God and believing in His promises, His faithfulness, and relying on His character; We believe in Jesus Christ as His only Son and saviour of the world.

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